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Casablanca Travel & Tours is a full-service intercultural travel agency specialized in travel and events in Morocco, dedicated to the idea that travel can and should open doors to new life experiences. Whether we work with private travelers or large groups, we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and value.

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Our offices are located in the north of Virginia, USA, and Casablanca, Morocco. Because we are English-speaking natives of Morocco, our staff becomes your personal in-depth resource for knowledge about Moroccan culture and travel concerns you might have.

Our full-service, competitively priced programs reflect the ancient traditions of hospitality Morocco is famous for, including guides and drivers who are at your disposal round-the-clock. Our local office in Casablanca is available to further ensure and support your adventures throughout this unique country. The best way to learn more about the great opportunities and services that we offer is to personally get to know us better.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-MAGHREB (+1-800-624-4732) or 202-337-0800 at your convenience to discuss your custom-designed tour of one of today’s least expensive and best-kept secrets for adventure, culture, history, art, music, and unequaled scenic beauty on Africa’s northwestern coast.